Victory In Christ (2)



Memory Verse: “For if ye live after the flesh, ye shall die: but if ye through the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, ye shall live,” Romans 8:13

Scripture: Romans 8:5-13

Introduction: Even great leaders fall short of their potentials by making the mistake of focusing on external enemies, but ignoring internal ones. Self-discipline ought to be the first priority. The forces of darkness take special delight in exploiting our weaknesses and character flaws to do us in. Everyone has at least one vulnerable area that can be the foothold of Satan, Eph. 5:12; Rom. 7:19-20; Ps.19: 12.

Our failure to sanctify our bodies, souls and spirits make internal corruption possible and this leads into perversions and abuse. Our decisions are driven by our senses, emotions and desires. The sensory organs play a major role. “’ … The woman saw the tree was good….pleasant to the eyes…to be desired… she took of the fruit and did eat…”, Genesis 3:6. Here we see the dynamics of seduction in full operation. You do not have to yield your members to be used as instruments of unrighteousness unto sin, Romans 6:13; Job 29:11, 42:5; Pro.23: 7; Matt.9: 4, 15:19.

The Dangers
The flesh always wants to sin. The wages of sin is death. To be worldly-minded is death. The consequences often turn out to be more serious than we ever imagined. Esau, for one morsel of meat, sold his birthright and destiny irretrievably, Hebrews 12:16; Rom.7: 18-20; Rom.8: 13; Jam.1: 15; Ezek.18: 20; Gal.6: 7-8; Pro.22: 8; Hos.8: 7.

Though God is eager to help, but we need to act decisively and sometimes brutally. We just have to bring the flesh into ‘subjection.’ This is never easy or pleasant and might appear impossible:

God expects us to:
Reject fleshy lusts, Rom.13: 14; Gal.5: 16.
Mortify the flesh, 1 Pt. 2:11; Gal.5: 16; 1 Cor.9: 27.
Keep the flesh under subjection to the Holy Spirit, Rom.6: 6.
Abstain and practise self-denial, 1 Thess.4: 3-5.
Refuse to make concessions or compromises, Gal.5: 24.
Flee danger zones, 2 Tim.2: 22.
Uproot offending habits and strongholds, Matt.5: 29; Jn.15: 5.

The flesh is carnal. It will always crave the forbidden and test the boundaries and prohibitions set by God. If you give it an inch it will take a mile. Do not look, let alone stare at the forbidden. You will overcome in the name of Jesus.

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