Osinbajo Vs. Senate, a brief for Malami


The Senate is up in arms over the remarks Acting President Osinbajo made to the effect that the Senate had no powers to screen and confirm government functionaries other than ministers and ambassadors. Some members are already seducing Senate President Bukola Saraki to begin to warm up and rehearse and be ready to mount the throne as president. I do hope wise counsel will be made to prevail. Professor Osinbajo should be allowed to master the ropes and make his mistakes if mistake his remarks indeed were. The third arm to arbitrate on such constitutional matters is the Supreme Court. Neither Osinbajo, though a professor of law—or the Senate can claim to be right on interpretation of the constitution.

The Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Mr. Malami, should be given the brief to head for the courts. That is the way disputes can be resolved in a civilised manner not through threats that go to exacerbate the already tense combustible atmosphere waiting only for a cigarette end to set off a conflagration. The senators are supposed to be wise and introspective men and women, a shade higher than all other legislative arms in the country. What’s more, the bulk of the senators profess the same party. Is there no way behind-the-scene encounters, entreaty, lobbying and what have you can resolve some of these issues to save us from the ugliness of a sentimental drivel?

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