Nordica, Foundation tackle infertility with free IVF treatment contest



INFERTILITY is one of the leading causes of social frustration and marginalisation, particularly in developing countries. It affects 20 per cent couples worldwide, with male infertility contributing for about half of the cases.

As part of efforts to address the situation, Nordica Fertility Centre in collaboration with Fertility Treatment Support Foundation orgnised free in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment contest in Lagos, titled “Little Miracles.” The event was to create awareness and educate Nigerians on importance of IVF and again to assist indigent couples who have infertility problem.

The free fertility screening featured 15 couples who have gone through the screening while five couples emerged the winners of the contest and stand a chance of free IVF treatment coming up on October 25th 2015.

Managing Director, Nordica Fertility Centre, Dr. Abayomi Ajayi, said the contest was to put smile on the faces of couples who are challenged with infertility as year 2015 is coming to an end.

However, he stated, that infertility affect most couples who cannot afford IVF treatment, therefore, there is need to support these indigent citizens as part of the Centre’s corporate social responsibility (CSR), in order to give back the community where it operates.

Ajayi said: “It is not first time we approach Fertility Treatment Support Foundation. Those who participated in this treatment entered the contest through test massages and then the centre organised the contest through electronic raffle draw.

“IVF is in vitro fertilization, which means ferilisation outside the body and first baby from IVF all over the world was born in 1978 and first baby for Nordica Fertility Centre turned 11 years on 14th of September 2015 and we have assisted couples to have over 1500 babies in our centre. So, IVF is fertilisation outside the body therefore, you have to give the woman drugs in order to produce eggs and you bring these eggs outside the body and put the eggs together with sperm on embryo then transfer the embryo back into the woman’s womb in order to conceive.

“Initially IVF, was meant for those who cannot conceive on their own. But now IVF, has extended to many things for instance, screening for embryos, check genetic in embryos in order to select type of sex you want.
“The component work of IVF, is when the fallopian tube is blocked you can use IVF to treat the blockage.”

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