cross-roadsWe need leaders in Nigeria. And that is the God honest truth. All this talk about corruption, looters and so on has got to stop someday. We are such as talented people but we cannot get out of this trap due to the fact that we just do not have the right leaders.

Our current President is clearly out to change things however as I told a friend of mine recently there is a limit to what one man can do. He needs a team of do goers, in fact an A-team or a dream team that would take on the challenges of Nigeria and rise us up.

I think we can be saved with the right mind set. Currently the Nigerian mind set is whopped. Our people depend and expect everything to come from their Government. And if it is not coming from the Government then it should come from that rich Uncle or Auntie, or from the church or your former school mates.

We are always looking for who will solve our problems and we never look at ourselves. Nigerians have developed an entitlement culture which is very dangerous for Nation building. The more people feel entitled the less they will be productive and you can guess what that holds for the long term prospects of Nigeria.

We must take the bull by the horn, this President Buhari administration has given us a rare opportunity to press the reset button and start all over again. However we must get it right from the fundamentals.

President Buhari and his new team, whenever they show up, must first start by going after the Nigerian mind set. That is where a large part of our problem lies. You can tackle corruption, tackle power and tackle education but if the low productivity, low morale and entitlement mind set remains in Nigeria then we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past and we will be in a vicous circle of downward sliding.

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