MG 5 offers hatchback in mid-size car segment

mg5_blancoTHERE may be more to desire not only from its rich historical heritage of over 90 years but its success with the introduction of Hi-tech petrol and diesel engines across variants; the new MG 5 has shown.

Sold in Nigeria by Coscharis Motors, MG 5 a product of Morris Garages is equipped with a 1.5 litre fuel efficient, low emission engine, as well as a 5 speed manual and 4 speed automatic transmissions.

It also boasts of a 1.5 Hyper-boost engine and smart adaptive 6 speed combined to raise the power performance to the level of 2.0 litre car across all ordinary vehicle classes.

According to the manufacturer, MG 5 engine comes with high efficiency Smart 1.5 VTI-Tech engine, 6 speed manual transmissions.

The tough manual style in genuine British MG tuning creates a higher level of control sensitivity and stability, even under extreme conditions; you can still retain your composure. Its paddle shifts originates from F1 race maintenance technology. This feature gives you the feeling of racing on the Silverstone Circuit during intense driving experience, and satisfies you with the double enjoyment of the joy of control and comfort during driving.

Tailored for IT elites and professionals with its cutting-edge design, refined style and Hi-tech features, which makes the car a preferred choice among the digital fashion generation, MG 5 fully is said to caters for the need of those young buyers who enjoy a fashionable lifestyle and wish to show their distinctive personality.

UK designs is unique and are always distinguished by their distinctive cutting edge designs, refined appearance and idea that goes beyond regular and that is no way different in the case of the MG 5.

MG 5 has opted for a hatchback body style which is popular in Europe, by adopting pioneering UK design concepts. Endowed with sharp, smooth body lines and flowing body contours, the MG 5 combines the elegance of curves with the robustness of straight lines to strike a fine balance between dynamism and elegance.

It is also regarded as extra-ordinary from its sleek surface to the high-tech texture dashboard, as well as the details in chrome decoration parts. Such refined workmanship sets MG 5 apart from the rest in the A-class segment, and it’s arguably the most exquisite hatchback in the mid-size car segment.

The aerodynamic body lines provide MG 5 with extremely low drag coefficient. The super-low air resistance cannot only reduce aerodynamic drag but also boost fuel economy and improve handling stability. Additionally, its near perfect 50/50 axle load ratio improves handling performance and speed limit when cornering, which has accentuated the MG 5 sporty body nature and demonstrate the sports car design craftsmanship that has endured over eighty years.

In line with European standard and UK designs, MG 5 adopts the most double five star safety standard, namely the C-NCAP and the European pedestrian safety protection standard, with its re-enforced body, the car is extremely safe and durable while remaining light and agile

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