Liver-healthy foods

Photo; lifestylemedicinealliance

Photo; lifestylemedicinealliance

Maintaining the health of the liver and the need for liver cleansing. The liver is the most important organ in the body as it relates to the issue of detoxification. Detoxification is the physiological process of waste elimination from the body thereby reducing the risk of diseases from acids, toxic substances, heavy metals, other chemicals and microorganisms that may have found their way into the body.

The sources, which these pollutants come from have not only increased, the amount of wastes generated by each one has more than doubled in the past hundred years or so. No thanks to civilization, and the negative effects that have come with it; which have affected man adversely over the years. The increase in the number of cars in the big cities of the world today together with the increase in the number of factories all around us have perfected the case of air pollution every where. The air all around has become severely polluted by carbon monoxide from these cars and factories.

The human population has so increased that farmers all over the world now use fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides to increase their yield to meet the food needs of the teeming population of the world. This was not so some 50 or more years ago in this part of the world.

The food that we ate as little children in the 50s and 60s were organically grown, without fertilizers or any other kind of chemical. Furthermore, our food was fresh, straight from the farm to the kitchen. There were no preservatives, colourants, or other such chemicals added.

The water human beings drink is also contaminated by the chemicals farmers use. These chemicals are washed into streams and rivers by rainwater. They also sip down into the under ground water from where we get drinking water. These chemicals will eventually get to our drinking water.

Microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, parasites etc.) are now a common finding in the water we drink. This is so because every body is now producing and selling drinking water in this country. Such water is loaded with all sorts of particles in them because their purification processes are suspect and there is no proper supervision by the government agency that is in charge. Drug manufacturers have also contributed their quota to the load of contaminants that must pass into and through the body. These drugs are all chemicals and together with all other contaminants mentioned, they will have to be detoxified by the liver.

Whatever passes through the stomach, food, water, beverages, alcohol and drugs have to be carried in the blood after absorption to the liver for detoxification. Detoxification is one of the primary functions of the liver.

Specifically, the blood from the intestines to the liver is loaded with the following items: nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats), acids, toxins from the intestines, acid stored in fat tissues and other toxins generated by the metabolic processes that take place in the body. The toxins that are stored in the fat tissues can be released during exercises, fasting and stressful moments in ones life.

The need to store toxins in fat tissues is the genesis of obesity and one who is obese may have to contend with liver problems as a result of excess toxins in circulation. Other items coming from the intestines to the liver are microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi. These could be coming from contaminated water and food prepared in unhygienic conditions. Along with the bacteria are bacterial endotoxins, antigen-antibody complexes and other toxins.

How the Liver Detoxifies
The liver is the first port of call of all these pollutants and microorganisms. As a major organ of detoxification and the first organ to be exposed to toxins, acids, chemicals, heavy metals and microorganisms, the liver plays a very critical role in maintaining the wellbeing of the human body. It is of utmost importance that the liver itself is in a state of optimal performance and protected from the negative effects of all that pass through it.

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