Kim Davis, America And Heroism (1)

kim-davisHEROES and heroines are usually discovered, revealed in challenging and difficult times. They live like every other person, but distinguish themselves and manifest the stuff they are made of during crisis. Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk that was recently sent to jail for refusing to issue marriage licences to gay couples inadvertently shot herself into the hall of faith and fame by her decision to stand for the truth. She dared the court order to do otherwise, insisting that she would not disobey God’s word to please a few people that have chosen to go against natural and divine order. And even the United States’ constitution defines marriage as the union of a man and a woman. She cited her belief, as her convinction. She has since been released from jail by the order of the same court after spending about six days.

Today, millions of Christians and non-Christians all over the world are celebrating this woman. She has suddenly become a rallying point for all the forces kicking against homosexuality. She has become a beacon of hope.

Now, after her release, she is still saying that she would not mind going back to jail, but that she will never issue a licence to same-sex couple under her name. Wow! This is, indeed, a great woman! Some people are already tipping her for political positions. I saw some banners bearing ‘Kim Davis for President’ at one of the rallies organised to support her at the court premises. GOP presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, another Republican presidential candidate, visited the jail in support of Davis. She has become a symbol for conservative Christians, who oppose same-sex marriage, just in few days. I particularly love the remarks of the former Arkansas governor, who escorted Davis from the jail to the rally. Listen to him: “She has shown more courage than any politician I know. She not only said something, she was willing to put her life at risk.” True.

Sure, the woman has earned an enviable place for herself not just in history and in the hearts of millions of right-thinking Americans and people across the globe, but in the hall of faith. When other heroes and heroines; great men and women who stood for good and the word of God shall be mentioned, sure, Kim Davis’ name would not be left out. This is the reward for courage, faithfulness and consistency.

We must emulate Kim Davis. We must imbibe these qualities that will always choose to stand for the truth and right even in the face of threats and danger, for that is the true path to greatness. Americans sure need more ‘Kim Davises’ to pull it out of its present moral and spiritual woods. And as the next presidential election draws near, they must look out for the Kims that will lead them back to the visions of their founding fathers. United States of America was totally founded on the word of God. We will continue from here.

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