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IN the last article, I concluded that Jeremiah from the religion of Judaism, Jesus, the assumed leader of the Christian religion and Mohammed the purported founder of the Islamic religion lived ahead of their times. There were certain statements they all made to suggest it clearly that they were not so much interested in popular religious activities but in the spiritual development of man.

Mohammed said the only religion before God is submission to the will of God and all great men of God are united in it. This is to suggest that what matters most to God for man to master is in the functional processes of the will both of that of man and God. Jesus said the mode of worship for mankind will one day, change when they will know how to worship the Father in spirit and in truth. This is just a pointer to the fact that most of the ways of worshipping for man right now is a process of delusion. And Jeremiah before them said of God Almighty in the new covenant; ‘I will put my law in their inward parts and write it in their hearts… and they shall teach no more every man his neighbor and everyman his brother saying know the Lord. For they shall all know me from the least of them unto the greatest of them, saith the Lord’.

Covenant by popular meaning is about law and that is located in the explanation of the new covenant by Jeremiah. The old covenant too is about law and that its mode of operation is always well represented in the creeds and dogmas of virtually all religions. But notwithstanding the fact that the old covenant itself could be traced to God, it never stopped God from telling Jeremiah that a better way of looking at the issues of law will be coming in the new covenant for mankind. It should logically be adduced that when Jesus in His own time said that a new pattern of worship will be coming for man when he will know that the best way to worship God is to worship in spirit and in truth, He was actually pointing the way to what will lead to the establishment of the new covenant.

Those who are well grounded in the teaching of Jesus will tell you that knowing how to worship in spirit and in truth is about a thorough understanding of the mechanism of faith. What a thorough understanding of the process of faith as a proper understanding of the teaching of Jesus will reveal to you is about YOU! Your adequate understanding of the techniques of submitting to the will of God. The understanding of this technique will be about the understanding of the correct mode of worship — how to worship in spirit and in truth. It may be a far more serious business in the knowledge of who you truly are and how you can use that knowledge to connect practically to the source of your origin in the full certainty of the knowledge that, that source exists and you can never do anything successfully without it.
Ayo-Vaughan, a psychologist, lives in Lagos

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