Group assures Igbo of fair treatment in Lagos’ governance

Bola Tinubu. Image source pointblank

Bola Tinubu. Image source pointblank



THE Igbo Mandate group in the Lagos State All Progressives Congress (APC), has assured Igbo residents in the state, that they would not be marginalized in the scheme of things in the state; especially in the distribution of political patronages by the party in the state.

The group noted that successive administrations in the state since the advent of the current democratic dispensation, has been striving to accommodate the Igbos in the governance of the state, but added that much still needed to be done to give them the truly deserved sense of belonging.

The group for instance cited the appointment of Mr Ben Akabueze as the state’s former Commissioner for Economic Planning and Joe Igbokwe as spokesperson for the sate’s APC, the inauguration of Igbo Mandate, the issue of marginalization of the Igbos would receive more attention.

National Coordinator, Igbo Mandate, Mr. Anslem Udoka gave this assurance in Lagos at the inauguration of the Ejigbo Council chapter of the group, stressing that the birth of group was borne out of the neglect Igbo at the grass root had suffered over a long time.

His words, “What happened during the last election could not be unconnected with the sidelining of Igbos at the grass root and this is what we are trying to correct.

“We are therefore going round from local government to local government to inaugurate the Igbo Mandate in APC with a view to sensitizing Igbo youths that contrary to the impression that they are hated by APC, they are truly loved by the fathers of the party, including the National Leader, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu and the fact that they have a lot to benefit in APC.

“This is the reason why we are impressing it upon the executives being inaugurated today that Igbo Mandate in APC has come to stay and that they are expected to visit every ward and every zone, meet our Igbo brothers and sisters, talk to them and let them understand the meaning of Igbo Mandate, even if it means talking to them in Igbo dialect and why we must all continue to vote for APC.

“Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has always been on our side and has never been against Igbo interest. This point is buttressed by the fact that he was the first governor to have Igbo person in his cabinet in the person of Ben Akabueze as the Commissioner for Economic Planning and Budget, Lagos State, followed by Fashola. Today, Joe Igbokwe is also in Lagos State as APC Publicity Secretary who also controls other agencies.

“I also want to seize this medium to correct the impression created in the minds of Igbos by the statement they claimed that Oba of Lagos, Rilwan Akiolu made.

I am emphasizing that the Oba’s statement was twisted to give the monarch a bad name.

Also speaking at the occasion a representative of the state government, Chinyere Anokwuru said she had gone through the manifesto of Igbo Mandate in APC and would recommend that other Igbos should join the group.

She counseled the Igbos on how to relate peacefully with their hosts. “You are in someone else’s state you should be able to work with that person. Do not claim to be superior though you are not inferior but of course, you are in somebody’s state and you are expected to flow with that person.

“Tinubu has never been against Igbo interest. During his time as governor, he had Ben Akabueze as a Commissioner, Fashola too did. I am an Ibo woman and I am a Senior Special Assistant in Lagos State Government. Who says that they hate Ibos, they do not hate Ibos, they always carry us along” she said.

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  • Proud Yoruba

    Why should we carry ibo parasites along, for what? We gain nothing from them but insults. We owe them nothing. Why don’t you go and ask the other state like Rivers and Akwa ibom to hire you in their government and accommodate you filthy ibo parasites in their states?

    Who will develop your states while you sit in Lagos as parasites? Please go back to you respective homes, you won’t prosper in Yorubaland again, the Oba has spoken.

    • okbaba

      Hate speech boy!!!These sort of comments are genocidal. Please do take a small course on history and the recent Rwanda genocide, where a lot of lesson is still being learnt.

    • Fuzio

      By the time the whole SE migrate to SW, maybe, maybe you people will see the propriety in letting the Igbos have their Biafra. That will also make it possible for you to stop paying your landlord rent and reclaim some of your ancestral lands that you sold off because both the landlord and the current holders of the certificate of occupancy to your ancestral lands would then be persona non grata in Yorobaland.

    • Mathew

      Do you understand the word “parasites”? If you do, you won’t call any Igbo person a parasites.


    so no single day we can talk without insulting each other? nawa for you people

  • Okeke

    From an Igbo Commissioner to an Igbo Senior Special Assistant. What a promotion, Chinyere Anokwuru! Yet, there is no marginalization. Okay o, Chinyere.

  • james richardson

    Mr Politician to be fair (not only to the IGBO) but to Nigerians means;having good roads,regular electricity,Water supply,Good
    hospital and not hospital as business or schools as business.You people should rethink and turn a good leave.

  • Proud Yoruba

    We owe ibos nothing. If Tinubu insists on giving them Yoruba jobs, then he will soon be replaced with a true Awoist who loves Yorubas and puts us first. Watch and see.


    What does the OBO of Lagos say?
    Why did you go to war to FORCE people who did not want you around to live with you in the same environment?
    Proud “sophisticated” Yoruba, please answer me.
    While HATING Igbo people out of HATE, Fulanas and the North are raping Nigeria.
    They control 83% of Nigeria’s Oil that flows from the South West.
    Yoruba, you fought alongside the North during the war of Genocide against the East.
    Why are you, with all you “SOPHISTICATION” (LOL) and 78% Literacy playing second fiddle to BARBARIANS of the North, with 19% Lietracy?
    We all are dieing to understand the reasons behind these misteries.