God’s Anger Is That Nigeria Lacks Powerful Hand To Deal With Thieves, Says Udeoha

lightningTHE General Overseer of Holiness Power Bible Ministries (aka Operation Tikpo), Ilasamaja, Lagos, Pastor Austin Udeoha, has stated that if the present government led by President Muhammadu Buhari wants to earn recommendation of Nigerians, he should start his anti-corruption drive from 1999 to the last dispensation, otherwise no one would take him serious.

Udeoha stated this in Lagos, while fielding questions from The Guardian on state of the nation. The cleric commended President Buhari’s courage in emulating former American president Abraham Lincoln, who contested election several times before he won.

“Nigeria needs a strong and powerful hand to deal with thieves; this is God’s anger. But thank God for somebody like Muhammadu Buhari, who has emerged the president. He must realise, however, that the major reason Nigerians elected him was because of his hatred for corruption and stealing. But his pronouncements that he would not jail anybody, call anyone to account for misdeeds, and that Nigerians should not expect a miracle are discouraging. If the government will not call past leaders to render account, then the administration is a failure. They are supporting corruption by so doing and it won’t be long before Nigerians chase APC out of power. Even God told us that men must give account at the end of the day; there is responsibility and accountability with God.

“If this government wants to earn Nigerians’ respect, it should start probing past administrations from 1999. Even from the time of military rule, people should be made to render account of their stewardship, and if found guilty should be jailed. Else, the new government would be encouraging those that stole from public treasury to continue and others to follow suit. How can you talk of Nigeria’s future, when you have not recovered stolen wealth from corrupt officials? The Bible calls it restitution. One of the things that destroyed PDP was letting guilty ones go,” he said.

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