Fraudsters At Banking Halls



ALMOST on daily basis, the banking halls of some banks, particularly first generation banks, are flooded with scruffy-looking customers at the money transfer section (usually upstairs).

Sometimes, you find bureau de change operators hanging and hovering around, most times at the ground floor and outside the hall, but within the premises.

They are always waiting for the Internet (yahoo-yahoo boys) to collect the foreign currencies, mainly dollars, for them to exchange into naira.

And it has been going on and on in weeks and months for some years now.

Yet, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the Police Special Fraud Unit (SFU) and other agencies are supposed to curb Internet fraud.

It is not unusual to see these yahoo-yahoo boys count bundles of dollars in public without fear of being apprehended or attacked.

And obviously, it cannot be without the assistance or connivance of bank staff, considering how easy it is for them to receive these illicit hard currencies.

Indeed, there is need to check this ‘free money’ that makes our youths lazy and criminal-minded.

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  • Petr Cech

    This is a lazy journalism. The writer did no research before writing. The banks conduct due diligence before they are paid with full KYC and proper identification in line with the product requirements.

    • Sammy

      He seems to be more angry that the boys are collecting dollars and he can’t, than wanting to do a proper article as a journalist. This is lazy as you said. I don’t condone YAHOO, but this is indeed a rubbish article

  • nuelsymbol

    How far is this true because Banks are no longer paying Dollar for money transfer ?

  • Oluwabamise Akinduro

    Since you are one of those who know how and where it happens, I think you are in the best position to give detailed and useful information to the NIGERIA POLICE FORCE so the culprits can be apprehended. Please kindly do so. GOD bless you!

  • Meeday

    This is a very terribly done writing.
    First, how many years ago did the CBN stopped payout of Money Transfers in Dollars?
    And there is a cant even collect a packet of dollars which is $10,000 talk less of bundles.
    And you must have a bank account before you can collect even $1,000 or be introduced by an account holder.
    Lastly you dont even need to enter the banking hall to collect WU can do it from the ATM or your Internet banking at home for some banks Now..and that has been running for over a year.
    Whoever is the editor in Guardiam needs to do a better job for us to believe you know your onions.
    I grew up believing journalist provide great information..I would flog my younger brother in Yabatech if he writes this cheap article.

  • Phillip allen

    You are such a big fool,Most bank have way of operating and no bank
    would ever want to pay any guy or yahoo boy without the
    requirement…how in the world would you know if the money was a scam
    money or probably a family sent it…watch your tongue brov