Foundation tasks teachers on character, self-esteem to boost pupils’s development

A non-governmental organisation, Chairos Foundation has urged teachers to improve on their character and self-esteem to boost the morale of their students.

The group noted that a healthy self-esteem would go a long way in boosting the development of the child.

This was the general consensus at the teachers’ conference held at Oriental hotel, Lekki with the theme: ‘The teacher, the initial curriculum’.

In her presentation, the group secretary, Boumo’a Sagay lamented that most teachers are lacking in core values, thus negatively impacting on the children.

She said: “Our teachers packaging and self-esteem needs to be improved upon because if they don’t believe in what they are doing, they will not execute it as effectively as they should. Education is topmost in any nation.

“It is either our teachers do not understand or they are ashamed of it but when we tidy up the system we can develop a better society. When teachers have a healthy self-esteem; it will be passed on to the children.

Executive Director, Center for Peacebuilding and Socio -Economic Development, Ayokunle Fagbemi explained that the conference was necessary to sharpen the skills of teachers in the state.

Describing education as the bedrock of any society, Fagbemi said, “If you are not educated you cannot do research and development and if you are not doing research, you cannot be involved in economic and entrepreneurial skills.

“Teachers should not be discouraged by the seeming gaps that exist in the educational system, rather they should improve on themselves to ensure that they work towards guaranteeing that they can look back at their products some five to 10 years in the future and be comfortable that they have done a good job.

Fagbemi also appealed to both the federal and state governments to invest more in the education system for the development of the country.

“Government should understand that the primary responsibility of governance is to ensure that there’s effectiveness in the discharge of the welfare and security of persons. If you want to enhance the welfare of the citizenry, education must be properly funded.

In her lecture titled: “The balance between the home and the school system”, Mrs Tochi Opara of ‘This Present House Church’, spoke on structure and balance in the education system.

“It is structure that enables performance in both the home and school. The two systems represent the care environment of the child. The objective of both systems is raising a child to a productive and wholesome adult. This being the case, there ought to be synergy, cooperation and continuity in the way and manner this objective is achieved.” She said.

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