Experts Seek Regulation For IVF Treatment



IRKED by the activities of illegal operators, the Association for Fertility and Reproductive Health (AFRH), has called for improved awareness and common regulations in fertility treatments in Nigeria. The AFRH is a registered body of fertility specialists in Nigeria whose main function is to promote the understanding and knowledge of reproductive biology and medicine and to increase public awareness of the reproductive process.

At a press conference held in Lagos, President of the association, Dr. Faye Iketubosun disclosed that the body aims to promote understanding of reproductive biology and medicine through increased public awareness of reproductive processes.

Made up of In-Vitro Fertilization, (IVF) practitioners, doctors, embryologists, fertility nurses, counselors and pharmacists, he said AFRH came together to share ideas and discuss as well as disseminate best possible practices in the field of IVF practice.

Iketubosun bemoaned the several misconceptions and half-truths surrounding fertility treatments in Nigeria, saying that part of their mission is to correct and guide the public as well as preventing people from falling victims to quacks.

“We have taken steps in this direction by organizing seminars and symposiums that would help in enlightening the general public,” he said, pointing out that a lot of ignorance on fertility treatments still exist while a good number of people who are already aware have embraced it.

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