Take the first step to moneymaking with the rule of exit-strategy!

The Nigerian currency, Naira

The Nigerian currency, Naira

THE Rule of Exit-Strategy states, from your vision statement, there must be courses of action that puts your special facilities to good use and empower you throw off the shackles of corporate life. You must come up with business plan that will serve as a method devised for your moneymaking and wealth building, or do things that will grow your business to be in business for yourself as you could do with. You must have a strategy that will enable you have an independent reality to do and make your exit from the employment world and be magnate in the business world for the rest of your life, having goods, property and money in abundance; making your earnings and accumulating your wealth in business. Be in business for yourself and know when to move to the next level of your wealth.

Moneymaking is very vital in business and creating your business dashboard will help you focus on the big picture, including your successful exit. Your exit strategy is one of the most important aspects of your path to great wealth. You must know the end before you start, so you know which direction to go and when to move on to something new. Your exit point does not necessarily mean where you want to be when you reach your definite purpose of your primary aim in life. It can be where you want to be when you are ready to exit your job, or when you want to retire. It can even be something as simple as when you want to sell your shares of stock in an investment.

It is in your best interest to know that good moneymaking is a lifestyle you do not need to live at the old age. When you make it early enough in life, you will have the good time to enjoy yourself, live well and give back to the society. So, why give all your lifetime to work for someone else in the name of employment. Quit employment and create empowerment for yourself through investment. Apply exit strategy and put structures in place to be in business for yourself. At this point, you must define when, where, how and why you want to stop working 40 hour work-weeks. First, you must come up with a goal you can achieve and a vision you can accomplish in business. I could do with asking you why you want to quit your employment. What genuine window of favorable occasions are you seeing? Have you set the stage for your personality to focus and follow through those favorable occasions? Have you educated yourself enough on what it takes to enhance your financial performance in order to have successful business? Can you achieve a competitive edge? Which area do you think you can do well – manufacturing or consultancy Service Company? Will your business be harvestable? All these questions must be answered as you perfect your wealth-building goals. Planning to quit your job require that you determine how much money it will take passively to enable you to quit your job.

You must make enough passive income to pay for your asset expenses as well as your personal expenses, and then you can quit your job. Moneymaking starts when you quit your job to be in business for yourself. And being in business for yourself starts with choosing a new venture that will eventually be harvestable.

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