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 Tunji Ajibola

Tunji Ajibola

Tunji Ajibola, the CEO of Learned Partners Professional Services, a soft-skill training, outsourcing and consulting firm is a Law Teacher, Entrepreneur, Inspirational writer and Social reformer. The founder of ‘Future Begins Now’, an advocacy and capacity building platform for young people to make them become responsible adults and Lead Faculty on Corporate & Business Law at the New Synergy Specialist (TNSS) spoke on the Focus of a CEO in this interview with Nnamdi Nwokolo.

You started ‘Future Begins Now’, how has it been?
The project is ongoing and we have kept the faith by organizing seminars with a view to preparing young people to become responsible citizens of the country. The emphasis is on capacity building and acquiring life skills that will help them in the future. The idea of the organization is to guide young people on career choice as well as providing a platform where they can interact and exchange ideas. We also provide a platform for capacity development for young people; because I realized that apart from the normal classroom teaching, young people need a lot of capacity development talks to prepare them for life challenge as this will curb youth restiveness.

What is Learned Partners Professional Services all about?
Learned partners professional services is actually a consulting firm that is into short trainings relating to law. The idea is to acquaint other professionals on the basic knowledge of law through structured trainings and seminars. We are also into publication of law related books and inspirational books as well. In my early experience and interaction with people, I discovered that most professionals have limited knowledge of law and its principles whereas the law is meant for the society. So, every responsible citizen should have a basic knowledge of law as ignorant of the law is no excuse. The essence of law is to promote peace and have an orderly society. This prompted Learned partners professional services to go into publication of “The Peoples Law magazine” to bridge the gap. The first edition of the magazine will be at the newsstands by the next month.

Content development:
We are not going to invent laws as there are existing legislations that covers all aspects of life. What we intend to do is to simplify the laws so that the layman will be able to understand. The resources are there, so all we need to do is to simplify these legislations in the language the lay man will understand. Currently, all our activities are being financed by my humble self. We’ve not had any collaboration with government or any of its agencies but we will welcome any partnership or collaboration with government. Sometimes, we’ve had cause to seek government support but nothing came out of it, so I decided to go solo operating within my resources. I also implore corporate organizations to key into this platform as a way of giving back to the society.

How sustainable is the project?
It boils down to one’s area of passion, so if you create a career around your passion, it becomes easier. It will interest you to know that I’m a law teacher as well as a writer, so I’m actually in my comfort zone. In publishing ‘The Peoples Law Magazine’, I use my personal resources to fund it which is a big challenge. The passion I have has kept us moving from one project to the other and I believe that no challenge is insurmountable in this journey. In one of the chapters of the book, ‘Jobs before graduation’ it talked about getting funds for your business. The orientation in starting a business should not be for the sole purpose of making money. You’ll agree with me that anything you are passionate about can be done at no cost. You don’t need all the money to start something for yourself; start small and start with what you have as most big brands we see today started small.

What to expect in the maiden edition:
We intend to simplify road safety laws to make people conversant with the laws that govern road safety in the country. There’s an article that will deal with the law of contract as most people go into contractual agreement without knowing the laws that guide their conducts. The article will deal decisively with the basic provisions of the law of contract for the benefit of all professionals. There’s also going to be a breakdown of the company law act to enlighten corporate Nigerians of its basic principles. The code of conduct bureau and its activities are enumerated to help the citizens to be abreast of the expectations of the bureau. There will be column for law veterans to contribute using their vast experience. People’s assembly, an interactive column that will allow citizens to air their views will feature prominently in the first edition.

Unique selling point:
There are so many publications in law but the key factor that differentiate us from the rest is that ‘The Peoples Law Magazine’ is tailored towards addressing the needs of the people, whereas other law publications are tailored towards the lawyers. This magazine is for the people to know everything about their laws. This is the unique selling point of the publication. According to Thomas Hobbes, ‘Ignorance of the law is no excuse as everyman is bound to take notice of the laws of which he is subject’. Interested subscribers can visit our office at Ikotun-Egbe Road by Etisalat experience centre, Egbe, Lagos or contact us via phone on 08066123141.

What is the driving force?
My driving force is my passion for the development of the people as they make the society what it is. The driving force is the joy of impacting on the lives of people. Life is not about making money. The motivation is the joy of seeing people become useful members of the society. For example, when laws are made it is assumed that it is in the public domain, but how many people have access to those laws. This platform is to ensure that the laws are simplified for other professionals to have access to it.

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