Christ Is The Source Of Life

Jesus_christ-6WE all need electricity to power most of our household appliances. At night, electricity helps to power our bulbs and ensure that the air is fully regulated for pleasant effect either through the air-conditioner or electric fan.

Electricity is very essential to everyday life. It is the process of generating electrical power from other sources of primary energy. Michael Faraday, British scientist, in the 1820s and early 1830s discovered the fundamental principles of electricity generation. His basic method is still being used today.

The importance of electricity cannot be over-emphasised. When in full usage, it helps create jobs for small and medium scale enterprises and also buoy our economy. When the power generation of any country is low, like is the case with Nigeria, the economy and citizens suffer.

Just as we need electric power in our daily activities, so also we need to plug into the biggest source of all powers in heaven and on earth, if we want to be assured of quality living.

Who is this source of power? He is God Almighty, Who has made Himself available to all mankind through His Son, Jesus Christ. And over the years, humanity has come to acknowledge the fact that Jesus Christ remains the source of the ultimate power. He is the beginning and the end, and without Him, there was nothing made that was made.

For years now, Nigerian government has been battling to find lasting solutions to the lingering power failure in the country. It has spent billions of Naira and, even, dollars without any corresponding benefit. Meanwhile, in other parts of the developed world, electricity is part of life. It is available almost on a 24-hour-a-day basis in a week. What an irony!

Countries enjoying maximum power supply can be compared to genuine Christians, who have since come to realise that they need Christ to empower them in all their daily activities. On the other hand, majority of people in third world countries living without steady electricity supply are like the non-believers, who, thinking they can accomplish all they set out to do on their own, continue to fumble along the way. They refuse to acknowledge the fact that they need a higher power, a divine power that is above all other powers to live a fulfilled life.

Christ is the main source of life. In Him, we have life and have it abundantly. A life that is lived outside of Him is a counterfeit one. It is filled with sorrow and disappointments. The way may look very rosy and inviting, but on the long run, it leads to damnation.

So many people today, claim they can give true happiness. They say if one joins their club or society, money will no longer be a problem, as one will be successful in life. They give you money in exchange for the lives of loved ones. They provide one with all the material things he/she needs to live a comfortable life, which on their own bring sorrow and regret.

Beware of those that direct all attention on themselves and their fake powers, instead of pointing you to the ultimate power, which can only be found in Jesus Christ. Also for our country to make any meaningful headway, we need to tap into the Main Source of power, which is Jesus Christ.

Very Rev. Msgr. Osu, Director, Social Communications, Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos.

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  • Markie Straub

    This is a very good article. I really needed to hear that.