Buhari, Tinubu moving in the right direction

Tinubu and Buhari

Tinubu and Buhari

We are happy and elated to see the vast outpouring of love affection, support and admiration of the Nigerians, showered on President Mohammadu Buhari. With more than 70% rating, his performance thus far, it is an acknowledgment of the fact that he wanted to serve God and humanity with singleness of purpose within his hundred days in office.

He has amply demonstrated his firmness and sense of justice. Even the Washington Post, a very influential newspaper of the western world has said that he is the most honest Africa leader, that is why we pass a resolution of a vote of confidence in his leadership; he has succeeded in instilling discipline which has been lacking in the past, he blocked all financial leakages hitherto used as conduit pipe to siphon our money.

His zero tolerance on corruption is legendary. He has reawakened the civil servants to rededicate themselves to the service of the nation; the Buhari’s integrity phenomenon has reverberated all over thereby instilling in all of us a sense of moral values.

For some antiquated politicians, accusing the President of dictatorship is a misuse of language. Nobody at the moment has been detained without due process; those people accusing him are those when they were in power created four power blocks which was used as an avenue of serendipity where professional looters were made to build empire for their kingdom.

It would be recalled prior to Ekiti and Osun elections more than two thousands of opposition members were arrested for just no cause, the past administration used the instrumentality of the state to intimidate and harass people principally for electoral advantage, those who are casting aspersions and criticising Buhari unjustly are not fair to good conscience. Nigeria voted for the current positive change they are witnessing now, any attempt to distract the President from discharging his constitutional responsibility would be a disservice they should stop forthwith.

The last administration was not able to hold the line against the prodigals which leads us to this sorry state. The President must bring to account anybody who will want to bring Nigeria economy to a reverse state.

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a champion, defender of the oppressed, a man who defended democracy with his blood even after the death of Chief Moshood Abiola of blessed memory, he fought all military administrations that wanted to thwart our democratic match, he suffered privation, deprivation and all kind of unwarranted indignities. Inspite of everything he remain resolute and steadfast in his pursuit of justice, a man who was in the opposition for years, only for him as a reward was offered the position of vice president by Buhari, although he accepted it graciously.

Looking at the complexity, heterogeneity, diversity and religious sensibility of being labelled Muslim-Muslim ticket he declined; he sacrificed this exalted office so that Nigeria dignity would be preserved. We are even of the steadfast conviction that given the mood of the nation at that time, he would have won that election probably with greater electoral margin than we witnessed. That is patriotism at its finest; there is no living Nigeria politician that has ever sacrificed this much.

Nigerians are not looking for a religious leader but a performer, how many of our leaders have ever sacrificed their personal interest for the service of the nation. When he was governor of Lagos State, he dedicated himself to redressing all economic imbalances of state.

He has equally produced leaders of leaders who have contributed to the shaping of modern Nigeria for better, all the pains he suffered during the NADECO era conditioned him for the better, he never visited vengeance but clarity for all, it is now left to history and generation yet unborn to chronicle his achievement to posterity where he will be better appreciated.

•Professor Obolo is president of National Support for Buhari/Osinbajo Presidency (NSBOP)

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  • Raphael Uchechukwu Nwogu

    True talk.

  • Gumel

    We challenge anybody anywhere to show us an African leader in the whole Continent who is more honest transparent fighting corruption sincerely from the core of his heart more than Buhari. Therefore we say Kudos keep the flag flying higher for the benefit of all Nigerians he deserves whatever from us sincere followers help him achieve his objectives.May God continue to guide this man Buhari in his desire to see Nigeria prospers and progresses.

  • Ikorodua

    God have mercy for the evergrowing STOMACH INFRASTUCTURE ‘PROFS’ in nigeria. Let’s remind this crop of ‘INTELLECTUAL FRAUDSTERS that TRUTH, INTEGRITY, HONOUR and UNBIASED INFORMATION are in themselves GOLDEN REWARD,

    • obinna Nwogu

      please kindly lay out the propaganda in this write up so that we can understand if not then you are an educated or should I say uneducated fool and one of those who supported the last administration based on what you can gain and stupid sentiments, you will be the first to comment and say rubbish without even knowing the reason for the rubbish you are saying you just feel like talking and that is the worst part.

      • AA

        Why is it that many supporters of PMB and the APC are very quick to insult people who raise genuine questions about PMB? Is it a sign that they are very insecure about their bogus claims? Why don’t u just respond to his point and refrain from personal insults?

  • Caleb Olakigbe

    First and foremost, Professor
    Obolo, this is great, thanks for bringing this fact to the notice and awareness
    of the oppressors that using all manner of state power and resources to bully
    and suppress the masses.

    President (General) Buhari’s presence has make Nigerians all over the
    whole wide world behave themselves, Action Against Indiscipline (AAI). While
    most Nigerians can stand out and proud again. He let both PDP and disguise
    oppositions aware that though his colleague and friend General Tunde Idiagbon
    (RIP) had died, but PMB would not give-up on Nigeria.

    Senator Ahmed Bola Tinubu is a mover, born to serve and truly a leader,
    carry-on. Ex Governor Tinubu understand what he want and what it take. Both
    Tinubu and Buhari have something in common, which is fairness for the masses or
    common men and women. The mergers, merge their leaderships in order to move
    Nigeria forward, great to both of you sir. A tree cannot make a forest,
    but PDP believe that a tree can make a forest in their dictionary that is why
    they are arrogant and proud that they would rule for 60 years. Any party that
    associate IBB would lose the majority in Nigeria I promise, because he is not
    popular enough, due to how he maradona Nigeria for 8 years and Abiola’s case.
    Thanks for delivering us from the selfish PDP, we can see why the Washington Post is
    praising this new government in Nigeria.
    United we stand, the selfless leaders and masses are united (APC).

  • Chukwu Michael

    0Praise singer. The present press secretary will be removed to make way for you.

  • AA

    Pls stop lying so blatantly, the Wall Street Journal said Buhari MIGHT be the LEAST CORRUPT IF he is saying the truth. It did not say he is the most honest. Those are two VERY VERY different things. And where did u get ur 70% approval from? I’m sure it was from Daura. But what does one expect from the party of lies?