Nigeria assures supply of 300MW to Togo, Benin, Niger Republic

powerNIGERIA has assured that it would respect bilateral relations between her neighbouring countries of Togo, Benin Republic and Niger Republic, and promised not to renege on existing agreements to supply electricity to the three countries.

But the Community Electric du Benin (CEB) has been advised by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, (NERC) to be ready to pay commercial rates for electricity supplied to it by the Nigeria Electricity Supply Industry (NESI).

Speaking with a four-man delegation of CEB, the Transmission Service Provider and Independent System Operator for Republic of Togo and Benin Republic, NERC Chairman, Dr. Sam Amadi said, “The on-going reform in the Nigeria electricity industry will not jeopardize international relations and strategic interests of Nigeria.”

The delegation was in Nigeria to find out implications of the privatisation of the remaining government-owned power plants under the National Integrated Power Project (NIPP) on the allocation of 200megawatts the countries received from Nigeria.

They also made case for an increase in allocation from 200megawatts for 300megawatts. Nigeria currently supplies 300megawatts to Togo, Benin and Niger Republic, out which CEB countries have 200megawatts of power supply with the balance of 100megawatts given to Niger Republic.

Amadi advised the visitors, “You need to sign power purchase agreement with the Nigeria Electricity Bulk Trader (NBET) and be up to date in your payment for electricity received as the market would be entirely private-sector-driven by the time the NIPP plants are sold.”

He explained that such financial commitment and responsibility might be an issue in the consideration of the request for additional capacity.

The visitors were told that their requests would be deliberated at the next month’s edition of the industry stakeholders meeting and that decisions reached would be communicated to them.

Members of the delegation are Kinho Hounrpati; Kora Zaki Ibrahim; Aboudou Mohammed; Didavi Godfrieol M.; and Akemakou Antoine.

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