Phase3 Telecom Commits to Network Efficiency, Resilience and Adaptability

PHASE telecomSet to mark its 12th Year Anniversary in October 2015; Phase3 Telecom said one of its major goals in acknowledgement of this milestone is to cull further investment into extending reach, increasing efficiency, and scaling up resilience and adaptability of its network; to strengthen its commitment to proffering the best solutions that will amplify the operations of its clients across West Africa.

The firm which is West Africa’s largest independent fibre optic infrastructure and telecommunications services provider continues to reinstate its dedication to maximizing the sub-region’s growth potential within the sector.

Phase3 has over the years being the indigenous firm at the forefront of increasing backbone infrastructure that will boost digital market viability and minimize the challenges of accessibility and reliability across sectors and layered connectivity needs.

For instance, because of its capacity to deliver homegrown solutions that will deliver significant long term value and as part of its wider West Africa roll out plan to deliver regional connectivity through a single network – Phase3 under the Niger-Nigeria fiber-optic cable project facilitated by the Universal Service Provision Fund (USPF) through the extension of the Backbone Transmission Infrastructure Programme (BTRAIN) programme; recently commenced the deployment of a 228 km long aerial fiber optic infrastructure from Kano in Nigeria to Gazaoua in the Republic of Niger which is a landlocked country that borders seven countries; Algeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, Libya, Mali, and Nigeria.

According to Mr Stanley Jegede, chief executive officer, Phase3 Telecom – “as more clients that ride on the Phase3 network take advantage of the Internet of Things to deliver efficiency in their areas of business; it is very important for us to continue to extend reach as well as adopt the best technology and resource to make our network more secure, resilient and adaptive.

Without this, the network will be largely exposed to incessant point of failure with fatal impact on the client and huge cost in millions on downtime.

Jegede added that the focus for Phase3 in the coming months; is not just to drive a network infrastructure that connects people but to be the frontrunner in scaling a network that help grow economies and effectively support technological innovations that expand our world and make it better in all sectors.

This is essential to accelerating that social development the sub-region is clamoring for and experiencing considerable increase in GDP growth and productivity.

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