NETPLAT Nigeria launches Taxi Investment Cooperative

TaxiNETPLAT Nigeria officially launched its Taxi Investment Cooperative at the Anglican Cathedral of St. Peters, Ake, Abeokuta recently through its Enterprise Cooperative Development Initiative.

The taxis were commissioned by the Anglican Bishop of Egba Diocese, Rt. Rev. Emmanuel Adekunle. NETPLAT Nigeria Limited is a business development and management outfit, which employs the cooperative framework as a tool to foster community, enterprise development, wealth creation and nation building.

The Taxi Investment Cooperative is an investment portfolio for would-be-owners of taxis to supports hardworking men and women to own taxis through remittances that serve as savings and installment for the car.

The system is made such that the cars are affordable and guarantees that the taxi owner is both a provider of services, as well as an investor in his or her personal progress.

Chief Executive of NETPLAT Nigeria Ltd., Olumide Olalekan said that the Taxi Investment Initiative was one of the many cooperative’s platforms meant to provide a means of profitable livelihood for the average Nigerian.

Olalekan, who had had experience in the banking and finance sector, noted that African countries such as Kenya and Ethiopia had witnessed great improvements in the lives of their citizens and their GDP through cooperatives.

In Kenya, cooperatives employ 250,000 persons and spread the employability of citizens across highly educated to skilled hands. He stated that the Enterprise Cooperative Development Initiative was one of the many initiatives of NETPLAT Nigeria to also provide other wealth creation platforms such as The City Farmers Scheme and the Youth Investment Scheme.

Olalekan noted that NETPLAT Nigeria has positioned to re-engineer the cooperative market in Nigeria by moving away from the cooperative norm of thrift and savings coops to a robust investment and business development cooperative culture, adding: ‘‘We employ the cooperative framework to make our commonwealth accessible to the people.”

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