Revue: Ekitipanupo… Preserving What Internet Bonded Together

EkitipanupoEKITIPANUPO community square is celebrating its 10th year anniversary with the publication of a book entitled Ekitipanupo Legacy Book.
Authored by Seye Adetunmbi, the title of the book appears apt because it depicts what has taken place over the past 10 years. It is a legacy we are bequeathing to generations unborn. The motto of the community is “Thinking, Harmonising and serving.”

A book review is supposed to take a critical look at the book in question. This book (Ekitipanupo Legacy book) traces the development and growth of an organisation that was bred and nurtured on the internet with many of the members never having physically seen or met themselves, but had developed a close affinity, because of the common interest of Ekiti.

This think- tank group that is also referred to as an indigenous intellectual round table for all of Ekiti people is the brain-child of the author and a few others, who invited the rest of us to join them. There was a time we discussed the name of the forum whether it was to be called panupo (one voice) or panupo (one mind) and we settled for one mind and many voices.

Ekiti represents our singular purpose and her progress becomes our major focus. Ten years down the road our purpose and aim have become solidified. The author himself, in the prologue to the book, EKITIPANUPO: Historical Excerpts and highlight of the Forum Deliberations between 2005 and 2015, reviews the journey towards making the online platform an enduring institution.

Consequently the book was put together essentially to capture the activities of the forum in one-stop pictorial book such that every literate Ekiti indigene would like to keep a copy of it because it is loaded with timeless material. Baba-Isale of Ekitipanupo, Chief SB Falegan wrote its preface.

This 331-page book is divided into seven parts with each part covering specific items providing information of what Ekitipanupo is all about, its composition and its achievements over the last ten years. Part one is about the forum, its platform, constitution and its anthem a robust history of Ekiti state and her people.
Part two is about the development of a blueprint for Ekiti development. Part three presents the various lectures the forum has hosted over the

Part four is about the discussions on various issues of importance to the forum presented by different distinguished members of forum in their area of interest but pertinent to the development of Ekiti. In part five, the book exhibits photographs of Ekiti people celebrating events whether they are members of the forum or not. This section also contains historical pictures of those who have served or represented Ekiti in different affairs.

Part six chronicles integrated seminal sessions depicting expert opinions from multidimensional dialogues. Finally, part seven consists of tributes to members and other Ekiti sons and daughters in all spheres of life including the creation of a Hall of Fame for distinguished Ekiti individuals.

The book is comprehensive and covers many areas of participation
by members. However, it is noticed that the pictures, though voluminous, still left some people and communities out. Among these for example is Moba which has not been fully represented especially on the aspect of leaders and royal fathers.

The picture of Oore, the paramount ruler of Mobaland, who was also the first chair of all the Ekiti Obas (pelupelu), was omitted. Chief Omoboriowo,
the first deputy governor (an Ekiti man) in the old Ondo state was not included so also Governor Olumilua who was the first Ekiti man to be an elected Governor of the old Ondo State. These minor (some might say major) omissions have taken nothing from the credibility and authenticity of the book.

All Ekiti people should be proud of this work. The author and all others involved in the writing, compilation and publication of the book are commended for good delivery. This book will make a good reading for all, especially all Ekiti sons and daughters as it will be a splendid addition to anyone’s library.

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  • ajulo

    I think Ekiti panupo onfirm their story before publishing, particularly on Ekiti Obas.