Midweek Arts:Lawal launches books on excellence, inspiration


Mr. Ayo Lawal

IT was indeed an evening of inspiring music and conversation, as author and motivational speaker Mr. Ayo Lawal recently launched his two books, The pursuit of Excellence and Doing the Impossible at the Pistis Centre, The Elevation Church, Lekki, Lagos.

He started writing the books almost 12 years ago. The books teach the basic principles of living and how to excel in life. According to the author, writing the books is a mandate from God to raise people from a level of depression, sorrow and oppression and bring them to a level of blessing, effectiveness, prosperity and glory.

Lawal said, “The pursuit of Excellence gives practical insights and helpful principles for you to reach a higher level of success while Doing the Impossible helps you unlock, open and walk through to higher levels of authority thereby creating unshakable self-confidence and victorious living. “Excellence has been the theme of my message as dictated to me by God.

There is a difference between excellence and success; when there is excellence, you succeed and when you succeed, you feel good. Happiness is simply feeling good about yourself, achievement, family, career, business or whatever God has helped you achieve.

But Excellence is more than succeeding; it is the perfection, wholeness and completeness of success. It is an inside out experience which does not come from the things around you but from Joy, because Joy comes from witness and no one can give that except God.”

He also noted that the books will help people in different parts of the world achieve success and increase their capacity and efficiency in succeeding, develop crystal clear sense of who they are born to be, how to get there and how they can make the most of their lives.

Mrs. Awosanya Lawal, who edited the books, described them as powerful tools to excelling and added, “These books are meant to empower decision makers of our generation.

The 25-chapter book, Doing the impossible, and challenges those who do believe in their innate abilities while reminding all that each one of us has a sleeping giant within”.

She also noted that In Pursuit of Excellence is loaded with so many quotes and has five key parts: destiny discovery, being in control, recovering destiny, fulfilling destiny and maximizing impact.

Lead pastor of the Elevation Church who also wrote the forward for In Pursuit of Excellence Godman Akinlabi stressed how to live a principled life, saying it is essential for a better future. “In life it is necessary to live a principled-centered life to lay hold of the future and principles do not have respect for persons because when you are focused on what you want to achieve there is no room for compromise. This book will teach one how to engage in principles that govern life”.

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